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Keep Music Students Longer: Music Student Retention!

Music Student Retention


Emails saying clients are stopping lessons.
Parents not satisfied with lessons.
ADHD kids too difficult to teach?
Do you know 98% of music instructors get this wrong!

Attention Music School Owners!

  Do you want to increase student retention?
  Are your teachers losing students over the summer?
✔   Are your students choosing sports or other activities over music lessons?
  Are your students losing interest in lessons?
  Are your teachers struggling to engage certain students?
  Do your teachers have difficulty managing parents' expectations?


Let me take the stress off your hands! I can help with teaching tactics to retain students for years!

Contact MSR today to see how I help your
teachers keep their students for longer!

Music Student Retention Programs Include
Girl with Violin | Music lessons in Lafayette LA

Live one-hour long Zoom meetings specifically for your school, with a group of your teachers.

I have been training one-on-one lessons for 14 years and through my experience I have learned many many ways to make lessons more exciting and less stressful for myself to keep lessons exciting, the student engaged and habit a overall great lesson experience. Let me help with your teaching problems with everyday experience and tools to make you successful.

Piano Lessons | Music Lessons Lafayette LAPiano Lessons | Music Lessons Lafayette LA

I will address a specific topic related to student retention, or you can request an open Q&A forum

Topics include:

►  teaching students with ADHD
►  group make-up lessons
►  teaching specific age groups
►  using technology in the classroom
►  signing up and preparing students for recitals
►  using games to teach children
►  teaching students with special needs
►  managing parents' expectations
►  managing problem behaviors
►  tips/tricks for the first lesson
►  rewards as incentives
►  teaching lessons online
►  collaborating with music school staff
►  solutions for the most common teacher concerns and many, many more!

Guitar Lessons | Music Lessons Lafayette LA

Group zoom training classes ​for new teachers

Live one-hour long Zoom meetings specifically for the new teachers at your school. Open Q/A during meetings.
► Tips and tricks for brand new teachers
► how to fill your schedule
► how to turn teaching into a long-term career
► specific benefits of working for a music school
► communication and team work with the staff

Drum Lessons | Music Lessons Lafayette LA

Individual teacher training

Personalized 1-on-1 training and consultation with one teacher over the course of 12 months

► Each month, I will provide a 30 minute individual training (phone or zoom) to the teacher covering atopic related to student retention in depth.

► Teacher will have the opportunity to ask specific questions related to his/her specific experiences and circumstances and receive individualized consultation

music classes near me in Lafayette LA

Customized training packages

Let me know your specific training needs, and I will create a program to suit your goals.

Detailed manuals. Individual Consulting. Group Training. Instructional Videos.

About Jason Summers

I have been blessed to be able to work as a professional musician for 30 years. Proficient in multiple musical genres, I've performed with bands all over the U.S., and I am proudly endorsed by Sabian cymbals. For over 12 years, I've been teaching drums in South Carolina at Lexington School of Music, Irmo Music Academy and Columbia Arts Academy. With between 45-60 students per week, I have an average retention of 4.5 years per student. When I began my career as an instructor, it became very apparent that being a successful musician and being an effective teacher require two very different skill sets. Through years of trial and error, I have mastered the art of balancing education,  entertainment and relationship-building in a manner that enables me to engage and retain students of all ages and abilities.   My enthusiasm and creative, flexible approach has allowed me to make a living doing what I love, and I consistently receive positive reviews from students and parents. I have had the honor to play at the Rock n Roll hall of fame, Carnegie Hall, Graceland, Bank of America stadium...and also enjoy onstage time with some of Rocks biggest legends, Kirk Hammett (Metallica), 80's Rock bands such as Ratt, Skid Row, Tonic, Big Wreck.

Jason Summers
Music School Retention

Music Lessons in Lafayette LATim Benson | Music Lessons Lafayette LA

Music Student Retention is making my job more easy, but also way more fun and enjoyable.
I just can't thank Jason Summers and Drum Teaching Success enough. This program is making my lessons  and my job  not only more easy on myself, but also way more fun and enjoyable. I'm not running out of ideas anymore. In fact, I feel like I have a whole arsenal of things that I could do with my students.  And that makes me walk into the lessons way more prepared, confident with what I'm going to do, and knowing how to approach every single situation that it might present. And that is just priceless to me. It brings me joy, peace and happiness. My students are looking forward to our lesson every week and asking me what's the new Fun thing we'll do today!!!  Not to mention my retention rate is going way higher. Thank You Jason Summers. This program has not only changed my life but also my family as well!

- David Smith - Instructor Dallas, TX

Your service is crucial in gaining credibility from my staff.

With your second voice psychology you have Creative Soul's best interest in making sure the staff know that they are in good hands and we will take care of them if they follow your process for teaching and make it a joy for the leadership.

- Casey Thomas, Director of Creative Soul Music - Fort Worth, Texas